Height 4ft75

Hip 28.74 inc

Waist of 20.47 inc

Breast of 27.55 inc

Weight 55.11 lbs

For Oral, Anal and Vaginal sex

Feet: 8.26 inch

Vagina dept 6.69 inch

Built in vagin

Anus dept 6.29 inch

Oral 3.54 inch

EVY 145





  • Vagina/Anal/Oral/Breast Sex. 
  • Metal skeleton
  • Realistic Touching Feeling 

When you see our dolls you understand they are the Rolls Royce of the silicone dolls. They are hand-made by artists with an incredible sensitivity to give a super-realistic look to our dolls with very expressive faces and eyes  to provide much character to our dolls. 

If you like dolls this is one of our featured products. Widely sold in its three tonalities: white, natural and tanned skin. Its aspect is spectacular with a well-built body and a precious face that can be customized with different eye’s colors like blue, green and brown. The different wigs you can use are also elementary keys for the transformation, which can change the aspect of your dreamdoll totally, just by choosing  a short blond hair wig or a curly long dark hair wig.

Once the order is placed, we will contact you in order to know how you want your doll to be and being able to customize it in order to finish it as you want. The duration time of production and sending  is normally about 20- 25 days depending on the type of doll. 

Our shipments will be done in a package with no publicity, logotype nor advertisement that could reveal the content of the shipment.

If you have any doubt or suggestions, please contact us and we’ll assist you with pleasure.  We’ll also guide and inform you in order  that your election is for you the most simple as possible, and you can get the doll that better fits to your tastes and needs.

All our products are high quality totally certified, with low prices adjusted to that premium quality.

For more information contact us at vip-erotic@hotmail.com.

Siliconesexdolls, souled dolls!!!.

Weight45.5 lbs
Height57 in
Breast70 cm
Waist20 in
Hip28 in
SexOral, Anal, Vaginal
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